Configuring console screen resolutions in lfs build 6.4

Jaiyson jaiyson at
Sat Jun 6 06:07:46 PDT 2009

Hello everyone: I was hoping someone may be able to comment on what I 
am trying to do with my lfs build.

After building my lfs on a partition I installed on another, 
Zenwalks' core build, basically their usual build but without X 
windows(consoles only).  I noticed that on that build they boot into 
a resolution of 100 x 37 (got from stty -a) whereas lfs as is goes 
into 80 x25.  My goal is to find a way to be able to change the lfs 
build to the same resolution or other options that my system is 
capable of doing.

What I first did was try different settings of  vga=<n> in Grubs 
menu.lst file;  this had no results.

Then I wrote vga=ask for both Zenwalk and lfs  in Grubs menu.lst and 
when booting to either Zenwalk or Grub both gave me the same list 
of  screen resolution choices, although none offered 100 x 37.  Even 
though with Zenwalk it doesn't offer that choice it still boots into 
100 x 37 if I just wait and not make a choice.

Also, in either boot process(Zenwalk or lfs) I tried doing a "scan 
for more options" and the system console would blank off and for 
about half a minute I would hear a series of monitor clicking on and 
off sounds; although at the end it would return to the same menu of 
choices saying it could not find other options.

What I have found so far is that the only screen codes that work, 
allowing me to change to something other that 80 x 25 are the other 
80 x <n> resolution options.  I did find on the internet a reference 
to the 100 x 37 code but that did not work for me. Options that don't 
work just makes my screen go blank with the system doing a bit more 
activity then hanging, making me have to reboot; blind typing and 
entering some commands doesn't do anything that I have tried so far 
like halt or shutdown.

At the moment on my other computer I have an editor program 
displaying both config files of Zenwalk and my lfs build side by side 
to look at possible differences that I may want to try change.

I don't mind going through this process but it may take a long time 
due to my build system being on a older computer which is slow on the 
kernel compiles.

At the moment I don't know much about boot scripts other than 
something involved with them when doing chapter 7 in the book.  I was 
thinking maybe that is where the changes need to be done?

I recently tried the idea to watch the screen closely with the 
Zenwalk boot to try and note of what's being displayed just prior to 
its change over to 100 x 37 mode.  The messages scroll too fast for 
me to make any sense of what was being displayed although immediately 
after the change over the first things being displayed in 100 x 37 
mode is  something to the effect of:
   SIS 630 frame buffer
   fb0fbSIS  630  frame buffer device  version 1.8.9

In one recompile I made sure all settings related to SIS(that's the 
manufacturer of some chips on my system) were selected but to no avail.

Any suggestions of what I may read to find more info on this matter 
or any comments is appreciated.  Thank you.

The Zenwalk kernel build is

and the lfs kernel build is  made using the lfs book 6.4 
with lfs  livecd:  x86-6.3-r2160 but using sources recommended in 6.4 book

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