Upgrading Xorg 7.2 -> 7.4, black screens, evdev and all that

David Jensen djensenlin at windstream.net
Sun Apr 12 19:07:12 PDT 2009

On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 23:30:16 +0100
Jeremy Henty <onepoint at starurchin.org> wrote:

> I've been  using Xorg 7.2 on  my LFS 6.3 system  without problems, but
> when I upgrade  to Xorg 7.4 I get  a black screen and a  lockup when I
> start X.   My video card  is an ATI  Radeon 9250 PCI.  Looking  at the
> xorg.conf.new I  see that the server  has failed to  identify the card
> (yet Xorg 7.2 identifies it without any problems).
> Now I've noticed this paragraph from the manual:
>     Recent versions of xorg-server force the use of the evdev input
>     driver, and ignore legacy input devices definded in xorg.conf.
>     This will result in an X display that seems to lock up if you are
>     using legacy input devices and do not have the proper input
>     configuration files in place (added later).

The blank screen is not caused by not using edev, that presents a good
looking dead desktop :)

The blank screen may be agp mode mismatch.  7.4 tried to use 4x but my
original R200 just does 2x.  I set it 2x in the bios and in xorg.conf
(hey, doesn't hurt to be sure).  Anyway that was my bug.

Good luck.
David Jensen

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