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lux-integ lux-integ at
Sat Apr 4 02:31:39 PDT 2009


I am still experiencing difficulties with Boost.Python needed by kdeedu-4.2.1.    
This link
gives guidance on building Boost.Python.  I went to section4  and 
passed --with-python  to the script of boost.jam.  The build went 
fine.  I then turned to boost.  I found  first a  difference  between boost:-

boost_1_38_0/libs/python exist  boost_1_37_0/libs/python  does not

I decided to install   the former.  This  now has  cmake as well as gnu 

cmake works like so

cmake  ../boost_1_38_0    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DCMAKE_IS_EXPERIMENTAL=YES_I_KNOW -Wno-dev

########running make yields:-

[100%] Building CXX object 
Linking CXX executable ../../bin/bcp
[100%] Built target bcp

######running make install yields:-

-- Installing: /usr/include//boost/dynamic_property_map.hpp
CMake Error at libs/preprocessor/cmake_install.cmake:36 (FILE):
  file INSTALL cannot find file
  to install.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  libs/cmake_install.cmake:37 (INCLUDE)
  cmake_install.cmake:42 (INCLUDE)

make: *** [install] Error 1

###### installing by conventional gnu configure.  make and make install 
appears to work but   kdeedu-4.2.1  complains Boost.Python is still missing,  
(see below):-

-- The following external packages were located on your system.
-- This installation will have the extra features provided by these packages.
+ Experimental Python binding support for the Marble library
+ Python
+ OCaml
+ LibFacile
+ OpenGL
+ OpenBabel2
+ libcfitsio0
+ LibXML2
+ GNU Readline
+ OpenGL
+ Gmm++
+ Qalculate
-- The following OPTIONAL packages could NOT be located on your system.
-- Consider installing them to enable more features from this software.
+ Boost.Python, 1.31 or higher: Kig can optionally use Boost.Python for Python 
scripting <>
+ libindi, 0.6 or higher: A framework for controlling astronomical devices 
such as telescopes, CCDs, filter wheels..etc. <>
Gives KStars support for controlling astronomical devices.

It is unclear if  Boost.Python is built using configure (with--python), make, 
make install  or with the experimental cmake (which cannot be installed!).  

Input from those fiddling with Boost.Python  would be gratefully received.

Yours sincerely

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