libgsttcp_la-gsttcpserversrc.o not recognized

Alonso Graterol alonso.graterol at
Thu Apr 2 18:54:18 PDT 2009

> [snipping...]
>> .libs/libgsttcp_la-gsttcpserversrc.o: file not recognized: File format
>> not recognized
>  Try 'file .libs/libgsttcp_la-gsttcpserversrc.o'

Output just right after error arise,
".libs/libgsttcp_la-gsttcpserversrc.o: cannot open
'.libs/libgsttcp_la-gsttcpserversrc.o' (No such file or directory)

>  If it is 32-bit, are you _really_ running 64-bit userspace ?

I am 100% sure it is 64 bit non-multilib.
>  If it is 64-bit x86_64, have you accidentally booted a 32-bit
> system ?

There is no 32 bit system that could be booted.

What else could I try?


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