fluxbox and gcc 4.3

Andrew Barnes andyrbarnes at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 2 00:20:56 PDT 2009


The version of fluxbox used in the BLFS book, will not compile with gcc 4.3. There seem to be a number of #include's missing from the fluxbox source which pull in the standard includes like string.h etc.
It appears that gcc used to  tolerate library routines like strlen being used without the corresponding .h file being include'd. The gcc team seem to have stomped on this behaviour.

The current stable version 1.0.0 will compile successfully if   #include <string.h>  is addded to src/main.cc and the development version 1.1.1 will compile cleanly.

I'd suggest the version in the book is updated to at least version 1.0.0. 

Incidentally, blackbox seems to suffer from this problem too. Presumably, there will be others, particularly amongst the less actively maintained projects.


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