Xorg Fatal error Could not load default font 'fixed'

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Oct 29 14:59:42 PDT 2008

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 12:13:58PM +0530, jignesh gangani wrote:
> [Continuation from previous mail. Sorry for the mail break but the size was
> going beyond 50 KB. ]
> Thanks for pointers. What do you think about the impact of XCB. I
> think I didn't installed it in initial phases of installation of X
> (proto and lib)
> but there was some application (or it's dependency which required XCB)
> so I installed it there and then. It was installed before Xserver but after
> libraries. Can this be the cause of the problem?
 I think that might be the best guess.  If something is
"unexpectedly" wrong, the error message is unlikely to be accurate.

 Looking through my own notes for 7.4, I see the following using

libX11 (that's all, for a *basic* functional X, with fluxbox as the
wm).  So, you could try recompiling just that one.

 But, I'm not yet convinced that is a likely reason: the old code
from before xcb used to work ok, and you seem to have set up
everything for it.  It's possible that the server has somehow
managed to use some xcb-headers despite not apparently testing for
them, but I'm more concerned by "some application ... required XCB".
That sounds as if you are thinking of cairo, or pango/gtk.

 The one thing you haven't shown us is your .xinitrc.  Most people
use a "basic" wm the first time (twm is in the wget lists, so people
tend to use that).  I cannot recommend that (it broke for me
sometime in the last couple of years, perhaps on x86_64 which is
what you are using), but I get the impression you might be a *long*
way into the build before you first get a chance to see if xorg
works.  So, what is your wm ?

 If recompiling libX11 doesn't work, any chance you could try
fluxbox as a temporary wm ?

 How did you create your .xinitrc ?

 If that doesn't help. all I can suggest is rebuilding all of the
xorg libraries, and then Mesa and the Xserver (I've no real idea
what Mesa uses, I only read the output from configure scripts).

 If _that_ doesn't help, also rebuild the xorg drivers (evdev,
keyboard, mouse, your video driver, any others you use).

 I've seen "very strange" results with certain versions of the ati
video driver in the past (some lockups, but also a failure to find
any usable screens), so I'd better also recommend you to check if
your video driver's release is appropriate to whichever version of
xorg you are trying to use (must be 7.4 for the 1.5 Xserver, right
?)  I'm using the 1.5.1 server, but a quick look at its Changelog
shows nothing that seems to relate to this (unfortunately,
lists.freedesktop.org is down at the moment).

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