Window manager without x server: follow INX path?

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Oct 27 10:12:57 PDT 2008

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 03:04:54PM +0700, David Kuntadi wrote:
> Below is the list of packages to build INX. It looks like not so huge after all:

 I have no interest in this, but it looks like the sort of thing that
might have fitted into a hint, so perhaps you could put it in the
wiki (dunno, maybe packages not in BLFS don't fit there).

 Among other things, to get into the book you need to engage an
editor's interest.  I find it hard to see why anyone would use a
"desktop" without X nowadays.

 A few comments on packages:

>   gpm                                            1.19.6-25ubuntu1
 gpm is in BLFS
>   mc                                             1:4.6.1-8ubuntu1
 mc is in BLFS, I think
>   mpg321                               
 I used to use mpg321, but now that mpg123 seems to be maintained
again (I'm using 1.5.1 in my current build) I'm sure you can either
use that or make a symlink to it.
>   mutt                                           1.5.17+20080114-1ubuntu1
 mutt is in BLFS
>   screen                                         4.0.3-7ubuntu1
 might be in BLFS
>   telnet                                         0.17-35ubuntu1
 I hope you won't be running the daemon
>   vim                                            1:7.1-138+1ubuntu3
 *cough* vim is in LFS itself

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