Xorg Fatal error Could not load default font 'fixed'

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 26 02:01:52 PDT 2008

jignesh gangani wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> Those packages (font-adobe-75dpi and font-adobe-100dpi) are also installed and
> fonts.alias also exists in /usr/share/fonts/100dpi and
> /usr/share/fonts/75dpi. (I have
> installed all the font packages listed in Font-20081020.wget. I have
> skipped some arabic
> fonts.)
> I am using ATI Radeon HD 3200 (onboard) graphics card. I am trying with another
> driver. I was using xf86-video-radeon. I am trying with
> xf86-video-ati. I don't know
> whether this will help or not.
> Thanks Ken.
> Anymore suggestions?

What is the exact error message (and a few lines of before and after 
context would be nice).  Without that, we are simply fumbling in the 
dark.  I'll take a couple of swings anyway.  Latest X wouldn't start for 
me the other day without the TTF symlinks in place.  Did you complete 
the TTF font setup in the configuring X Windows System page?  Did you 
install the TTF and ODF symlinks in $XORG_PREFIX as instructed to do on 
the font page?

-- DJ Lucas

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