directfb on BLFS - Version 6.3

David Kuntadi d.kuntadi at
Wed Oct 22 18:57:29 PDT 2008

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:52 PM, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at> wrote:
>  At the moment I'm in the middle of documenting the dependencies on
> my first attempt at updating my desktop scripts for current
> versions, and I'm looking at a lot more detail than I ever used to
> bother about.  Based on that experience, what you need to do is look
> at the configure script.  I'll try and step you through how to go
> about diagnosing this.  Some configure scripts are really easy and
> straightforward to see what they are looking for, others are a bit
> more complex

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have difficulties doing you
instruction, anyhow, actually I have used 7zip and word to analyze the
source code. Below is my findings:

1. the freetype is by default set as yes, but during configuration it
was set to no.
2. I issue additional --enable-freetype, it still go back to no.
3. I could configure it in ubuntu hardy, with libfreetype6-dev installed
4. I compare libfreetype6-dev, almost all files are available in lfs freetype.
5. The script responsible for setting freetype to no is:

if test "$enable_freetype" = "yes"; then
    AC_MSG_WARN([*** no freetype -- FreeType font provider will not be

I found it in file.

Thank you,

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