Still a few problems with my brand new LFS system

Nicolas FRANCOIS nicolas.francois at
Sun Oct 19 08:08:20 PDT 2008


OK, now X is installed, I configured my nvidia driver. I still have a few
problems (LFS and BLFS SVN) :

1) About locale issues : I configured my LFS box just like the setup of
the liveCD (for french user) :

Locale : fr_FR at euro
Console keymap : fr-latin9
Console font : lat0-16 -m 8859-15
X keymap : fr

X works fine, the keyboard AND the font correctly display accented
messages. But on a text console, the messages look buggy : no accented
characters. I also wonder if the "euro" key works normally. Ant french
user willing to offer me some help ?

2) When using the /tmp folder, I get an error message. For example, when
lynx tries to download a file, it gives me this :

/tmp/lynxXXXXu3ThFQ : Permission denied (in fact, "Permission non
accordée", in french, but without the accented "é", see previous issue ;-)

So I modified the permissions of /tmp to 777, but I think this is risky.
What is the good setup ? I don't remember having encountered this problem
on previous LFS systems.

3) I still have some concerns with my kernel setup. For example, when I
boot, I see this message :

PCI: VIA bridge detected. Disabling DAC.

Is this a problem ? I have a VIA PT890 motherboard, with a DualCore

Other issues to come, I don't want to overload this message :-)



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