KDE MIME issues

William Tracy afishionado at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 11:09:54 PDT 2008


I spent a week doing clean rebuild after rebuild of KDE under a
chroot, whenever I had some free time to play around. I never did
manage to make the KSVG errors go away.

This morning, I finally got around to building strace, and actually
booted to the LFS partition to try it. Lo and behold, KDE magically is

I'm not sure what change I made that fixed it; I'm not even sure
anymore how many changes I made. :-P

My best guess: Since I was installing under /usr instead of /opt, I
assumed that I didn't need to update /etc/ld.so.conf or
/etc/man_db.conf. (I interpreted the line "If you are not installing
KDE in /usr, you will need to make some configuration changes" to mean
that the rest of the instructions on that page only applied to
installing under /opt.)

At some point during the week, I know I manually added /usr/lib and
/usr/man respectively to these files. Maybe that's what did it. :-P

Anyway, I am happier now. :-) Thanks for the messages, and I'm glad
strace was brought up. That looks neat!

(Posting from Konqueror in KDE under LFS!)

William Tracy
afishionado at gmail.com -- wtracy at calpoly.edu
Vice President, Cal Poly Linux Users' Group

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