Moving system to different virtual drive - SOLVED

Scott Castaline hscast at
Fri Oct 10 10:31:19 PDT 2008

Scott Castaline wrote:
> Running LFS-6.3/BLFS-6.3 on virtualbox and decided to move the original 
> system to a larger virtual disk.
> Original disk 8GB 3 partitions 1 = /boot, 2 = swap, 3 = /
> New disk 20GB 3 partitions; same as above just different sizes.
> Created the fs on the new drive and mounted the 2 parts. Mounted the old 
> drives 2 parts. Copied everything from orig to new except /grub
> I then unmounted the orig drive and did the chroot from the end of ch6 
> 6.60 Cleaning Up on pg 187. Copied stage 1 & 2 from /usr/whatever. ran 
> grub as th eLFS book says to do in ch 8.4 pg 213 I'll get the error of 
> "Selected disk does not exist"
> find /boot/grub/stage1 gives me "File not found"
> Do I need to go back to the environment created in Ch5 of the LFS book 
> and redo grub at that point and then go through creating the 
> environments used later in ch6 and then ch8?
> Scott
I was able to reinstall grub by using a Fedora CD. I mounted both 
partitions from the new virtual disk and ran grub-install /dev/sda. Grub 
went through the install process and then I rebooted with both virtual 
disks registered with the VM and it immediately went to GRUB > where I 
was able to do the "find /grub/menu.lst". It reported both (hd0,0) & 
(hd1,0). I then shutdown the VM, unregistered the old vdi and it booted 
fine from the new vdi with 16GB of the 20GB avail.

I do have a question though, shouldn't I have been able to do this from 
the LFS LiveCD? It kept coming back with errors of which I can't 
remember right off hand I think no block devices found was being 
reported when I tried the above procedure with the LiveCD. Also I 
apologize if I should have sent this to the LFS list instead, it's just 
that I already had installed additional packages and was beyond the 
original base system.


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