Installing HAL

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Oct 7 13:58:02 PDT 2008

Scott Castaline wrote:
>  [snip total confusion :-)]

I'll try and be helpful without sounding condescending.

First. You need to get a handle on what packages do, and
why they are dependencies of one-another. For example,
Doxygen is only used to create API documentation. Chances
are, you don't even need it.

Without knowing *why* a package is a dependency, you'll
be asking questions until the cows come home.

Next. Most circular dependencies in BLFS are annotated
one way or another. There are actually very few. Read
the dependencies *carefully*. Examine what each one does,
and how/why it could benefit your installation. If you
don't understand what a package does by reading the stuff
in BLFS or the stuff on the home page of the package,
chances are you don't need it.

Next. I build X right off the bat. Expat, then FreeType
and Fontconfig, then X (hopefully, I'm not leaving something
out). The dependencies for X are very straightforward.

As far as D-Bus/Hal, it really isn't that hard. If I
remember correctly, there may be a circular dependency, but
only for a package that you may not need. I can't recall,
and don't have time to go through the BLFS book right now.

Use your good judgment, but above all know *why* you are
installing each and every package. Simply going through
the book blindly installing packages won't give you the
knowledge you could get by understanding *what* each package

Finally, know that you can always go back and install a
package again if you later discover you left off a
dependency you wish you had installed. It is a learning
process. If that learning process is not *fun* to you, you
may consider simply going back to a distro.

> Also I have 4.8 GB left 
> on my drive, will that be enough or should I now plan on making more room?

I know it would not be near enough for me. But I keep all
source files, and all logs (I don't keep source trees). I
usually end up using around 10MB of space for a full BLFS
build. But I'm a BLFS dev and I try to install most dependencies
simply so I can document and check them out. I don't necessarily
use all of them.

Keep in mind that if you're going to do any video/audio
processing work, or creating DVD's, you'll need much, much
more space.



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