Installing HAL

Scott Castaline hscast at
Tue Oct 7 13:31:20 PDT 2008

Scott Castaline wrote:
> I wanted to install automount, but the book recommended using HAL. Going 
> through the text on HAL it leads you to what appears to be circular 
> required dependencies. On HAL you need both D-BUS GLib Bindings-0.74 and 
> XML::Parser-2.34. First going down the D-Bus path I need dbus-glib-0.74, 
> which in turn needs D-BUS-1.0.2, GLib-2.12.12, and epat-2.0.1. First 
> going down the D-Bus path I need expat-2.0.1, or pkg-config-0.22, and 
> libxml2-2.6.31. So I originally said okay go with expat-2.0.1, which 
> does end that path. Okay so I should be able to install expat-2.0.1, go 
> back and install dbus-1.0.2. Now onto the 2nd prerequisite 
> dbus-glib-0.74, which is glib-2.12.12, which requires pkg-config-0.22 an 
> alternate requirement for dbus-1.0.2. Fortunately there are no further 
> requirements on that path so installing pkg-config-0.22 I should be able 
> to install glib-2.12.12, which will once again bring me back to 
> dbus-glib-0.74.tar.gz and since the 3rd prerequisite is expat-2.0.1 and 
> that was installed following the first path of dbus-1.0.2 I should be 
> able to now install dbus-glib-0.74. Now I should be able to continue 
> down the 2nd prerequisite for installing HAL, XML::Parser-2.34, which 
> makes mention of being installed with the standard Perl module 
> build/install, as well as again expat-2.0.1
> Now for the question(s):
> 1. What order should I go in building and installing? My thinking was 
> install in the following order:
> 	expat-2.0.1 --> dbus-1.0.2 --> pkg-config-0.22 --> glib-2.12.12
> 	--> dbus-glib-0.74.
> 2. During the lfs build wasn't the Perl Module installed and did that 
> include the module extension XML-Parser-2.34?
> 3. HAL- lists an optional package of libxml2-2.6.31, which lists 
> as optional libxslt-1.1.22 and Python-2.5.2. (Python I've already 
> installed), libxslt-1.1.22 lists libxml2-2.6.31 as required. So should I 
> install that first then install libxml and back to HAL?
I just noticed that an optional package for dbus-1.0.2 is X Window 
System and Doxygen which the latter was also listed also as an option to 
another pkge. I'm planning on eventually installing X but was thinking 
later. Should I do it now and then come back to all of this? Or can I 
just rebuild/reinstall these pkgs individually without going through all 
of them again? Sorry to hit with so much at one time, but to me it looks 
like I need to know all this now b4 moving on. Also I have 4.8 GB left 
on my drive, will that be enough or should I now plan on making more room?

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