Installing HAL

Scott Castaline hscast at
Tue Oct 7 13:14:24 PDT 2008

I wanted to install automount, but the book recommended using HAL. Going 
through the text on HAL it leads you to what appears to be circular 
required dependencies. On HAL you need both D-BUS GLib Bindings-0.74 and 
XML::Parser-2.34. First going down the D-Bus path I need dbus-glib-0.74, 
which in turn needs D-BUS-1.0.2, GLib-2.12.12, and epat-2.0.1. First 
going down the D-Bus path I need expat-2.0.1, or pkg-config-0.22, and 
libxml2-2.6.31. So I originally said okay go with expat-2.0.1, which 
does end that path. Okay so I should be able to install expat-2.0.1, go 
back and install dbus-1.0.2. Now onto the 2nd prerequisite 
dbus-glib-0.74, which is glib-2.12.12, which requires pkg-config-0.22 an 
alternate requirement for dbus-1.0.2. Fortunately there are no further 
requirements on that path so installing pkg-config-0.22 I should be able 
to install glib-2.12.12, which will once again bring me back to 
dbus-glib-0.74.tar.gz and since the 3rd prerequisite is expat-2.0.1 and 
that was installed following the first path of dbus-1.0.2 I should be 
able to now install dbus-glib-0.74. Now I should be able to continue 
down the 2nd prerequisite for installing HAL, XML::Parser-2.34, which 
makes mention of being installed with the standard Perl module 
build/install, as well as again expat-2.0.1

Now for the question(s):
1. What order should I go in building and installing? My thinking was 
install in the following order:
	expat-2.0.1 --> dbus-1.0.2 --> pkg-config-0.22 --> glib-2.12.12
	--> dbus-glib-0.74.

2. During the lfs build wasn't the Perl Module installed and did that 
include the module extension XML-Parser-2.34?

3. HAL- lists an optional package of libxml2-2.6.31, which lists 
as optional libxslt-1.1.22 and Python-2.5.2. (Python I've already 
installed), libxslt-1.1.22 lists libxml2-2.6.31 as required. So should I 
install that first then install libxml and back to HAL?

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