cursor control in console

Scott Castaline hscast at
Mon Oct 6 13:29:13 PDT 2008

Jordan Bray wrote:
>     Possible issue #1, bash.  try running sh or even python at the
>     command line, and see if the cursor works properly.  How does it
>     handle ncurses?  AKA, if you do a make menuconfig in the kernel
>     source directory, does everything work properly?  Also, are you
>     using any console mouse program?
>     Possible issue #2, some crazy program running.  try booting into
>     single user mode (kernel argument su), and see how that works.
>     Hope that helps...
> Another possible issue is obviously the terminal.  Try performing a 
> TERM=vt100 (i think thats right) (goodbye, colors).
> Another issue is that sometimes the cursor on shells performs badly when 
> there are characters on the last line when the program comes to an end.  
> Type a quick echo to clear that.
> A highly unlikely (now that I'm thinking about the terminal) possibility 
> is a fouled up PS2 variable.  try performing an "echo ' " (with a single 
> quote at the end), and when the new prompt comes up, see if the terminal 
> is doing it's job properly.  Are there colors on the first part of the 
> command line:
> aka when you see this:
> [code]
> someuser at somehost:somedir$
> [/code]
> is any of that colorful?
> -- 
> /me
While reading your response I had rebotted vbox vm to livecd and did a 
lspci. I noticed 2 lines that were different that seems like when the 
livecd was created they had the source code for the vbox guest additions 
software for linux. The 2 lines are as follows, first from my created 
LFS and then from the LiveCD:

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Unknown device 80ee:beef
00:04.0 System peripheral: Unknown device 80ee:cafe

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH 
VirtualBox Graphics Adapter
00:04.0 System peripheral: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Guest 

Notice VirtualBox Guest Service for the 2nd line under LiveCD boot.

I will try your suggestions as well and let you know.

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