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Jordan Bray jordanbray at
Mon Oct 6 13:08:35 PDT 2008

Possible issue #1, bash.  try running sh or even python at the command line,
> and see if the cursor works properly.  How does it handle ncurses?  AKA, if
> you do a make menuconfig in the kernel source directory, does everything
> work properly?  Also, are you using any console mouse program?
> Possible issue #2, some crazy program running.  try booting into single
> user mode (kernel argument su), and see how that works.
> Hope that helps...
Another possible issue is obviously the terminal.  Try performing a
TERM=vt100 (i think thats right) (goodbye, colors).
Another issue is that sometimes the cursor on shells performs badly when
there are characters on the last line when the program comes to an end.
Type a quick echo to clear that.
A highly unlikely (now that I'm thinking about the terminal) possibility is
a fouled up PS2 variable.  try performing an "echo ' " (with a single quote
at the end), and when the new prompt comes up, see if the terminal is doing
it's job properly.  Are there colors on the first part of the command line:
aka when you see this:
someuser at somehost:somedir$
is any of that colorful?

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