cursor control in console

Jordan Bray jordanbray at
Mon Oct 6 13:02:17 PDT 2008

> Could the video driver or lack of have anything to do with my problem? I
> do know that VirtualBox presents an unknown vga device to the OS, could
> this be an issue?

I highly doubt it.  The only place that could come into play (IMO) is a
poorly built kernel.  The default display driver should work great,
especially in VirtualBox.
Possible issue #1, bash.  try running sh or even python at the command line,
and see if the cursor works properly.  How does it handle ncurses?  AKA, if
you do a make menuconfig in the kernel source directory, does everything
work properly?  Also, are you using any console mouse program?
Possible issue #2, some crazy program running.  try booting into single user
mode (kernel argument su), and see how that works.

Hope that helps...

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