cursor control in console

Scott Castaline hscast at
Mon Oct 6 12:42:16 PDT 2008

Scott Castaline wrote:
> Scott Castaline wrote:
>> Which file actually controls the behavior of the console cursor? It 
>> seems to behave erratically. When typing a long command it just keeps on 
>> scrolling horizontally, even though it is turned off in inputrc. If I 
>> recall a previously entered command the cursor is not at the end but 
>> several characters to the left thus making it difficult to edit the command.
> I'm still not sure what is going on. TERM is definitely set to linux 
> under terminfo/l. When I type in something that is beyond around 72 
> characters, it now jumps down a line and then will scroll horizontally 
> from there. If I use the up arrow to repeat a command that is very long 
> the cursor will not go to the end of the comand and behaves erratically, 
> thus editing the command at different points is next to impossible. I am 
> now using all of the scripts as is form the book for /etc/profile.d, 
> profile, bash_profile, and bashrc. It's very difficult navigating 
> through the cli in the shell. VIM and nano seem to respond as expected, 
> just at the prompt in the shell.
Could the video driver or lack of have anything to do with my problem? I 
do know that VirtualBox presents an unknown vga device to the OS, could 
this be an issue?

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