Login Security

Scott Castaline hscast at charter.net
Fri Oct 3 11:58:17 PDT 2008

Started installing some security packages onto my LFS-6.3 base system. 
Installed the following in the order listed:

linux-pam- (created /etc/pam.conf as shown in blfs-6.3 book 
under config info for this pkge)
shadow- (reinstall as required.)

I did not finish making the configuration of shadow when I accidently 
logged out. Now I can't login as either root or regular user. I'll enter 
the login and it'll just sit there never asking for password before 
finally stating Login incorrect. How do I fix this? Can I boot using the 
LiveCD add in the scripts and be able to boot again from my system? 
Also, which way should I go, using /etc/pam.conf configs or directory 
based security using /etc/pam.d/<files>?

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