KDE MIME issues

William Tracy afishionado at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 11:48:27 PDT 2008


I'm trying to get KDE 3.5.9 working on my BLFS system. For simplicity,
I installed it under /usr. Right now, it has some issues with MIME

When I launch my startx script (containing the line "exec startkde") I
get the KDE startup screen and the KDE window manager, but not much
else. (Artsd does launch, and then complains because I screwed up ALSA
somewhere. I'm not very worried about that right now.)

If I include xterm in my startx script, I can manually launch kicker
and kdesktop from there. (I'm not sure if startkde is misconfigured,
or if I'm just supposed to manually start those components.)

The first time I select the Kicker menu, I get the error:

Malformed URL:

The menu appears after I dismiss the dialog box.

When I launch kdesktop, I get the error:

Malformed URL:

After I dismiss the dialog box, I get a desktop with no icons.

Konqueror also has apparently never heard of that obscure protocol
called "http". ;-)

I did build desktop-file-utils-0.13, but was fuzzy on where to place
the configuration commands that are supposed to go in "the user or
system-wide profile". It's not obvious to me that putting them in
.bashrc would work, so I dumped them into my .xinitrc. What's a saner

When nothing else worked, I tried building shared-mime-info-0.21, but
its presence doesn't seem to help.

So, am I making some simple and stupid mistake? :-)

William Tracy
afishionado at gmail.com -- wtracy at calpoly.edu
Vice President, Cal Poly Linux Users' Group

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