Discussion: is building X.org from source now a joke?

john q public public at pitchblende.org
Thu Feb 28 10:34:20 PST 2008

Simon Geard wrote:

>On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 06:32 -0800, Dan Nicholson wrote:
>>As for who's build script to use, it would certainly be nicer if there
>>was a single script that received all the maintenance and could be the
>>entry point for anyone to build xorg by source. In fact, there is one
>>(quite a few, actually), but it doesn't get enough love. But the fact
>>so many people showed their build scripts highlights how trivial it
>>really is. The difficult part is figuring out what order to build in.
>>It would be nice, though, if someone stepped up and maintained one
>>good script. It could be you or me, it's not rocket science.
>Agreed... for anyone comfortable with an LFS build, I'd expect scripting
>an XOrg build to be simple enough. A bit of an investment in time -
>maybe half a day to do well - but not especially difficult.
>I no longer have the script in question, but my first attempt at an XOrg
>7.0 build worked out the ordering by grepping for pkg-config commands in
>the autoconf scripts... some manual corrections were needed, but the
>modular packages are cleanly enough written to handle the great majority
>of cases.
I was lazy I just grabbed the lists of names in order from the BLFS site 
reduced them to basenames with sed and did the

for modname in `cat modules-list`;do cd $modname*;<whatever I needed to 
cut and paste from BLFS>;cd ..;done

or something like that and went very well for the most part the hard has 
already been done for me and I thank the team and all the people willing 
to post a litte effort out there for that. The real problem here is 
indeed the ordering of the build and the only thing that would be nice 
from Xorg would be a listing of the dependancies in order (I sure this 
is posting is entirely redundant/etc but hey I missed out on all the 
early "me too" usenet drama)

You people are tough I don't know how or why you keep at its been two 
weeks watching compiles for me and Ive
been feeling foolish. In fact I finally did give in and just grab 
firefox prebuilt I can't do it all.


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