Firefox sensitive to -j4

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Feb 24 23:29:43 PST 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> We expect the book to be followed, and additional documentation
> provided in manners other than the BLFS book text (wiki, etc.).

Yes, the proper place for this kind of information is in the package 
notes in the wiki.  Given the wide scope of BLFS, it is absolutely 
impossible to account for every situation, so we are forced to pick a 
middle ground that applies to most.  I'd love to be able to provide info 
for everybody, but it's just not possible, so we put the wiki in place 
to fill that gap.  This is where *anybody* is free to express new ideas, 
additional methods, or really anything related to the book.  Although it 
had a slow start, it now has proven to be a really cool addition to BLFS.

On every page in BLFS, there is a link to the wiki page for that 
package.  I strongly encourage users (and editors) to take advantage of 
it and read the notes while working through the book.  It's where all 
the 'non-standard' goodies get to live.  Pretty much anything is fair 
game in the wiki, including new packages that may later be picked up by 
the book.  For instance, I just recently added instructions for Compiz 
Fusion.  They aren't quite ready for the book, as I didn't provide 
md5sums, build times, full dependencies, etc., but it is a nice staging 
ground, and provides useful instructions now, until I do get around to 
it proper in BLFS-7.0.  Coincidently, this thread has reminded me of 
something I forgot to do last time I updated JDK (similar issue).

-- DJ Lucas

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