Firefox sensitive to -j4

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Feb 24 18:53:52 PST 2008

Karel Kulhavy wrote these words on 02/24/08 16:28 CST:
> I would suggest to add a note into the Firefox instructions to avoid -jn.
> Such a big program is especially tempting to be compiled this way on a SMP system.
> Once it made only the configuration phase and didn't do anything. Other time it said it cannot compile even a simple X11 program and when I looked at the gcc call, there was something prepended in front of the gcc command which triggered no such file or directory.

I understand where you're coming from, but the BLFS book doesn't say
to use -jn. We *expect* that it is *not* used, and that in itself means
that it shouldn't be used unless you're into experimentation. Which
then means you must kind of work things out on your own.

If we were to make comment that Firefox didn't compile properly if
you use -jn, then every package would be expected to have such
comment if applicable. This isn't time-feasible. You can't expect
the devs to put notes in for one package, when another package may
fail exactly the same without such note.

We expect the book to be followed, and additional documentation
provided in manners other than the BLFS book text (wiki, etc.).

Hopefully this makes sense. I'm trying to get back into the swing
of BLFS and chances are I can continue on in this thread, though
there may be hours/days of delays. Sorry for the vagueness of my
response capability.


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