Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision

Dennis J Perkins dennisjperkins at comcast.net
Mon Feb 18 18:42:15 PST 2008

The uvcvideo driver uses the V4L2 API in the Linux kernel.  Ekiga can
use either V4L or V4L2.

http://linux-uvc.berlios.de mentions an audio bug in some Logitech
webcams.  Maybe this is related to your problem.

I have found that xawtv-20070625-114215 works with V4L2.  Camorama
apparently does not.

Ekiga sees the device now, but it has a new complaint:

Your driver doesn't seem to support any of the color formats supported
by Ekiga.
 Please check your kernel driver documentation in order to determine
which Palette is supported.

Looking at the source for Ekiga shows that it has something to do with

On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 02:03 +0000, randhir phagura wrote:
> Hi,
> TheOldFellow  wrote on On Sun, 17 Feb 2008 22:05:44 -0700:
> >I have a vague memory on this (trying to get my father's to work with
> >Ubuntu - so it may not be relevant).  UVC is a V4L2 device, and I think
> >the apps default to V4L.  Hope that's helpful.  I don't have access to
> >it any more to check.
> > 
> >R.
> I am having a similar problem with Omnivision Laptop Integrated webcam using uvcvideo driver.
> Could you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean by "UVC is a V4L2 device, and I think the app defaults to V4L". In my case the webcam works but only sometime. I would like to have it working regularly.
> Randhir Phagura
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