Problems with automount?

john captain.deadly at
Sat Feb 2 08:07:36 PST 2008

Hate to ask questions unless I'm really stuck. What can I say
really stuck again.

Trying to automount my cdrom and a USB Key but it
does not seem to work. One thing that I should say to start is that
my LFS system was instlalled using LFS6.3 and I'm now working using
BLFS6.2 which was the latest one when I downloaded things.

My auto.master file is as specified in the BLFS Chapter 3:

> # Begin /etc/auto.master
> /media  /etc/auto.misc
> # End /etc/auto.master

I should perhaps say that I couldn'd load the BLFS Automount wiki
page mentioned in the book. That link seems to be empty and I can't
find  any other relevant info.

I've changed the cd line in /etc/auto.misc as my cd's device file
is /dev/cdrom1 and added a line for a USB Key:

>  #cd		-fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev	:/dev/cdrom1
>  cdrom	-fstype=iso9660	        :/dev/cdrom1
>  mds_disk	-fstype=vfat		:/dev/mds_disk

I commented out the line with nosuid and nodev as I decided I'd try
with limited options. Both the above commands, well the equlivents,
work from the command line

mount -v -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom1 cdrom
mount -v -t vfat /dev/mds_disk mds_disk

On system boot I can see the line:

Automounting /media

but nothing appears in /var/log/sys.log

The automount process is running but /media is totally empty.

Thanks for any advice.


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