Problems with HAL on LFS 6.4?

thierryn1 at thierryn1 at
Mon Dec 29 02:10:34 PST 2008

Hello Simon, I have face similar problems. I used the patch used by slackware. 

I'm using HAL 0.5.11 with this patch

you can apply it this way.

cd hal-0.5.11
zcat ../use_udevadm_not_udevinfo.patch.gz | patch -p1 --verbose

For info the kernel I used is kernel- without any extra patchs, and udev130.

Hope it help you



---- Simon Geard <delgarde at> a écrit :
> Hi guys...
> Anyone else on LFS 6.4 or later having problems with running HAL? I've
> hit a couple of problems in the past week relating to the current 0.5.11
> release not working properly.
> First problem, it doesn't support current udev versions, including 130
> included in LFS. While looking for devices, it attempts to call
> udevinfo, which no longer exists - it's been merged into udevadm.
> The result is that devices may or may not show up in hal, apparently
> depending on whether they were active before or after hal started.
> Second problem, it can't recognise wireless devices on a 2.6.27 kernel
> unless options are set to enable some old deprecated files in /sys that
> it's looking for. The CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT_SYSFS docs say it's only
> needed for old hal versions, but it turns out that includes the current
> release.
> Both problems are already fixed in their git repo, and I've asked if
> they're planning a new release anytime soon. I'm curious though, whether
> anyone else has had problems like this.
> Simon.

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