X11 rgb.txt under Xorg 7.4

Dan Moore mooredan at suncup.net
Thu Dec 25 11:25:31 PST 2008

Duh!, found it:


I installed it just like all of the other "app" packages, but the 
rgb.txt file got installed in a place where is wasn't being looked for 
(like from xterm or xsetroot)

After install as root:

mv -v /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt /usr/lib/X11

I've seen other references that this file might be located at 
/etc/X11/rgb.txt  -- what's the "standard" location?


Simon Geard wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-12-24 at 23:07 -0700, Dan Moore wrote:
> That would be the rgb package... 
> Simon.

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