Using package management

Zsolt Udvari udvzsolt at
Thu Dec 25 01:08:57 PST 2008

> 2) Which is the best package manager and do i have to build the package
> manager before building the first package in LFS?
While I've used (B)LFS, I've used my own package management (Symlink
Style Package Management, see
E.g. the wesnoth version 1.4.3 were installed to
/usr/progs/games/wesnoth/1.4.3 path (and in this path there were bin,
share, lib, etc.).
I've created scripts and "lfs-rules" (like gentoo's ebuilds), so when
I typed command "pkgmgr update wesnoth", the 'pkgmgr' script checked
the latest wesnoth version, and when it's newer, downloaded, unpacked,
builded and installed it. I've created almost 200 lfs-rules.
They isn't perfect, and I don't hack it yet, but maybe it's a good
start point. You can download from


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