question on qt/avifile

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Tue Dec 23 08:45:48 PST 2008

b-vol wrote:
> Greetings 
> I am about to try and install avifile.  I notice it needs qt3.  I have already 
> installed qt-4.4.3  and enabled qt3 compatibility.  Does anyone know if this 
> is suffcient for avifile or if qt-3.3.8b MUST be installed?

I don't know for sure, but I suspect that qt3 must be installed.  The library 
names are not the same, even for qt3 compatibility.  Qt3 compatibility mode in 
qt4 is for developers transitioning code to qt4.  Qt3 and qt4 are not source 
compatible -- the code *must* be updated to use qt4.

That said, the libraries and headers of both versions do not conflict.  The only 
issue is the PATH environment variable as both have qmake.  You have to ensure 
that the right one is called during the build process.

   -- Bruce

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