firefox-3.05 and nss-3.12

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Dec 22 23:15:45 PST 2008

b-vol wrote:
> On Monday 22 December 2008 07:19:58 am Simon Geard wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-12-22 at 01:17 +0000, b-vol wrote:
>>> if the "make"  is with CC="gcc $BUILD64"  it goes to completion.  However
>>>  the executuible nss-config  that needs too be lodged in /usr/bin   is
>>> missing. It  is supposed to be copied from  nss-3.12/mozilla/security/nss
>>> to /usr/bin but my checks in the former shows it to be absent  see
>>> below:-
>> You're probably missing the patch that's present in the book - without
>> it, you won't have things like nss-config or various .pc files.
>> Simon.
> thanks for your help.  I had made some errors.  I found a downloadable 
> nss-config.  Also  I did not need the $BUIlD64  compiler switch.  The  
> compile and install  of nss-3.12  as on the cblfs site works fine (for X86_64 
> 64-bit Linux) .

Shoot, I wish I'd have seen this earlier.  Following from recent 
discussions on BLFS-Dev, it is probably better not to use a stand alone 
NSS, and rather use the one included with your system XUL-Runner (or 
full Firefox build if you did not do a system XUL), since XUL will also 
have to rebuilt if NSS is updated due to a security vulnerability 
(static linking that is not very easily changed in NSS's arcane build 
system).  NSPR standalone is fine.  With an installed XULrunner, the 
additional Firefox build and install took a ridiculously small amount of 
time, IIRC, just over a minute on my slow hardware.  Others will use XUL 
(but they'll probably use FF the same).

-- DJ Lucas

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