Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Dec 22 12:32:31 PST 2008

 I had formed the impression that running strigidaemon was a good
idea for those of us trying to use kde4.  It seemed to me that I got
a lot more options in the 'help' from e.g. konqueror.  On
reflection, I now think I had merely got lost in the 'help' (anyone
else remember windblows, were you could get copious "help" that was
guaranteed to tell you everything *except* the thing you were looking
for ?).

 Anyway, after finding that strigidaemon *continued* to reindex
everything whenever I started my desktop, and the 25 minutes of
98% cpu use wasn't a one-off (the network and cpu status 'windows'
in the icewm 'panel' are a good guide to when things are busy), I
tried using nice on it.  That appeared to solve the problem of high
cpu usage, and I moved on to other things.

 Caught up with some other things, including another try at building
firefox3 on an old ppc64 install (works, using separate nss), and
forgot about strigi.  Came back to this box to try to get a handle on
the rest of kde4 (big mistake, but someone has got to try it).  After
running out of space in /home, twice, I was a bit puzzled about where
all the space was going, but assumed my DESTDIR and INSTALL_ROOT
installs, plus the build trees I had lying around, must have used it.

 Decided I might need to repartition again (there is a little in a
junk partition, it will merely be inconvenient), so started
'tar -cv . | ssh' (to my server, where I have workspace for backups).
And excuse me, what is this ./ken/.strigi/ ?  Taking a more
intelligent look at ~/ using
 find . -maxdepth 1 -type d -name '.*' | xargs du -sh
showed .strigi had continued to grow and was now up to 8.1GB.  Sharp
intake of breath.

 So, for the moment I will not be repartitioning, and for the
foreseeable future I won't be running strigidaemon again unless I
totally lose the plot - unfortunately, strigi remains as a build
dependency, so I can't throw it out.

 I'm feeling old, and slow on the uptake.  Yet again, my .sig is
true.  This message brought to you as a public service - fight your
daemons ;-)

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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