root vs user. installing firefox

Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Sun Dec 21 00:58:25 PST 2008

On Sun, Dec 21, at 02:05 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas wrote:
> > Using sudo without a password should be discouraged at any chance and
> > should be avoided.
> That depends on the system.  Who has access to it is an important factor.
> Convenience and security are always trade offs.  On a system where we are 
> building lfs/blfs, it really shouldn't matter until and unless it is put into 
> "production" and contains something you want keep provate.
> For instance, my systems sit behind a firewall that is set up so that nothing 
> can initiate a tcp or udp communication from the outside.  On the inside, I'm 
> the only user.  I choose to have sudo available to me without a password.  Is 
> this a vulnerability?  Sure.  But one I know about and am willing to accept. 

All I am saying is that we don't have to propagandize it (the obvious
vulnerability) and if we do (which I believe we don't have to do it in
any occasion, even if it is an email response in one of our mailing lists),
we should give enough warnings and underline the issues that the user should
know about and if possible some measurements and a guide that should be
followed by the user who resorts in such a bad practice.

LFS above of all is a school and I think that is what a user (that follows the
project) waits most from the project. To learn these good practices.

> Could it be compromised?  Highly unlikely but I suppose its possible through a 
> browser hack.  Running Windows would be a much greater risk.
> > Unfortunately there is a relative line in the shipped sudoers and I am 
> > thinking that maybe it will be wise to eliminate it with a sed (anyone
> > cares to open a ticket?, 
> Which line is that?

# Same thing without a password

> > I have a bad reputation in blfs dev team,
> > regarding this issue, thus I can't do it myself), so it won't be exposed
> > anymore.
> What are you talking about?

As I already said to another private email I've had before, is an exchange
in one of our public lists, with a prominent member of the dev team about
(exactly) this issue.
I don't want to link to that thread (it's rather shameful), because I said
that running sudo without a password is a stupid thing to do (word by word)
and we should give no support to anyone that does exactly that.

I insist in both of my declarations and is the most honest thing I can
do right now against the project.


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