liba52 make fail//xmms compile///tunepimp(s)

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Dec 20 17:21:15 PST 2008

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 09:31:40PM +0000, b-vol wrote:
> On Saturday 20 December 2008 03:31:26 pm Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Saturday 20 December 2008 03:31:26 pm Ken Moffat wrote:
 yeah, I echo!  but, please can you trim what you are replying to.

> >  First suggestion - drop anything using gtk-1.2.
> I decide to take your advice.  xmms is not important for my needs.  I looked 
> at xmms2  but this is still al[pha.  I thus  make 
> alternative 'arrangenments'.  For these I need libtunepimp and I am having a 
> spot of bother    see below (compiling):-
> ######libtunepimp-0.4.4 and libtunepimp-0.5.3 attempts at compilation  (host 
> box with AMD64  (64-bit linux, Kernel- GCC-4.3.2)
> ##### attempt to install libtunepimp-0.4.4 (libmusicbrainz-2.15  previously 
> installed)

 Those look like gcc-4.3 problems (in 4.2, c++ scope seems to have
been 'tweaked' a little, in 4.3 a lot more - ostensibly, these were
gcc optimizations to not include unnecessary headers).

 You didn't say where you got the patches, and I'm not going to
attempt to guess.  If it was a regular distro, look for other
patches they use, or for alternative configure options (e.g. on
cdrdao fedora only patch part of the problem and pass two switches
to disable parts of the package).  If it was cblfs, you can probably
put it down to the nature of all wikis - mostly good, but sometimes
outdated and occasionally (as is everything) with errors.

 I'm not familiar with those packages - I know the names (kde4
packages keep suggesting I install them).  Personally, I use
audacious - for x86 BLFS-svn is up to date, I'm hopeful that it will
build on x86_64 as it is (I know it worked there with gcc-4.2.4, but
I don't yet have a 64-bit gcc-4.3 compiler).

 Gcc-4.3 is now mainstream, so mainstream packages mostly cope with
it.  The problems tend to be where upstream is unresponsive, or
non-existent, or in very obscure packages.  You seem to be finding a
lot of them :-(

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