root vs user. installing firefox

Ralph Porter rportermail at
Fri Dec 19 21:26:28 PST 2008

> The question is malformed.  You can't 'install' anything as a user
> unless you install into the user's home directory.  You shouldn't need
> to install anything under the user's home directory.  Just build
> everything as an unprivileged user, and then install as root as per the
> book's instructions.  Even that is not 'best' practice, but is the
> current 'recommended' practice...hopefully that will change for 7.0, but
> 7.0 is a *long* way off.
Thanks DJ,

Sorry for the malformed

I ment unpriviledged user.

A followup question:  Why not simply install everything as root?  Why
install as an unpriviledged user and then some things as root?  Is
there some risk with root?

Why the "golden rule" of not working as root?

In the mainframe world we control access with a security package.
This keeps most users from hurting themselves.  I've always have had
unlimited access (aka root) and never burned myself.  Maybe linux is
not as forgiving?

thanks again...


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