root vs user. installing firefox

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Dec 19 19:49:49 PST 2008

Ralph Porter wrote:
> I just finished KDE...YEA, 


now working on my first application, Firefox.
> Open question I guess.
> Should
> 1. I first create a new user and install firefox and dependencies
> under the user.
> 2. Install dependencies as root and install firefox under the user.
> 3. Install all as root
> thanks in advance.

The question is malformed.  You can't 'install' anything as a user 
unless you install into the user's home directory.  You shouldn't need 
to install anything under the user's home directory.  Just build 
everything as an unprivileged user, and then install as root as per the 
book's instructions.  Even that is not 'best' practice, but is the 
current 'recommended' practice...hopefully that will change for 7.0, but 
7.0 is a *long* way off.

-- DJ Lucas

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