Cmake problems with kdeutils

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Mon Dec 15 11:34:11 PST 2008

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>   Follow-up question.
>   I've just been looking at a few kde packages to see what I would
> need for them, what I might need, and to try to get a feel for the
> order.  That's left my brain more than a little addled, particularly
> when I got to kdeedu (so many weird names and minimal
> explanations!

I was going to install this to get Marble, but decided to install Marble as a standalone package from
>   I assume PyKDE4 came from kdebindings, and also that you built sip
> [] to get the python
> bindings to compile ?

I couldn't get kdebindings to compile, it gave me an error message about too many 
Python signatures, something even Google had never heard of.  I too have no interest in Python,
only installed it for dependencies for something or other.

I got PyKDE4 from svn, which also gave me problems with compiling(it just stopped).  I eventually
did something unheard of in LFS circles - I downloaded a rpm package and installed it. Urrh. The first from over 275 packages installed from
source.  And your're right I built SIP from the above address - without problems.



P.S I've given up on PyKDE4 and uninstalled it.  Will now push on to complete a brand new system

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