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Sun Dec 14 11:52:30 PST 2008

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> From: "Ken Moffat" <ken at>

>   Indeed it is, and my early views on cmake are less than
> complimentary.  But maybe I just don't like change.
>   Actually, I may have to come back and ask _you_ about some of those
> packages! 
Don't ask me Ken I was just following:

written by yourself!

I've done a minimal install (libs, runtime, workspace,
> base, graphics, multimedia) without kdepimlibs (the dependency on
> akonadi, which requires a running mysql, scared me to death).  So
> far, after tweaking the sound by running 'systemsettings' and
> starting strigidaemon it seems to work quite well for me (apart from
> the 20 minutes used while strigidaemon reindexes ~/ after I login).
>   Anyway...

>   This message comes from printer-applet/CMakeLists.txt after a
> failure from find_package(PyKDE) which is in
> printer-applet/cmake-modules/FindPyKDE.cmake and that does (broken
> by pasting):
>   ${_cmake_module_path}/
> and in printer-applet/cmake-modules/ we can see:
> |# Copyright (c) 2008, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at>
> |# Redistribution and use is allowed according to the terms of the
> |# BSD license.
> |# For details see the accompanying COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file.
> |
> |try:
> |    from PyKDE4.kdeui import KApplication
> |except:
> |    exit(1)
> |print "Groovy"

I had found both of these scripts earlier, but I couldn't then, and still can't see how, I could alter these to find the packages.
The README file under kdeutils-4.1.3/printer-applet says:

hal-cups-utils and system-config-printer like to install to
/usr/share/system-config-printer, if you put it elsewhere change the
The variable says:   SYSTEM_CONFIG_PRINTER_DIR = "/usr/share/system-config-printer" 

Both these packages are there, so I can do no more.

>   I don't have that Python module, and running the script (as an
> argument to 'python') just returns the status.  Adding -v didn't
> really help.  Looking at 'man 1 python' there is some reference to
> PYTHONPATH which I would expect to start at /usr/lib/python2.5/ in
> your case.

Yes, your're correct

>   I see you are building in /opt - all I can suggest is that you
> check where PyKDE4.kdeui got installed to.

Can't find that file.  PyKDE4(dir.) is in the same location as PyQt4, i.e.  
usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages and the latter IS being detected! Explain that?

For system-config-printer it is again using python, and passing the
> directory by sys.path.append : it is hardcoded as
> /usr/share/system-config-printer.  MAybe your install put it
> somewhere else ?

No, same place, /usr/share/system-config-printer - see above
>   For hal-cups-utils, all grep and xargs are finding is the message
> from when system-config-printer is not found ( You should also
> install hal-cups-utils <svn co
>>) and a
> message from (which seems to be the runtime).
> There are also references in README and printer-applet/README so I
> don't think it actually tests to see if hal-cups-utils has been
> installed.
>   Hope this has been some help, it's my first attempt to understand
> cmake scripts.

Thanks Ken, but I may well give up and forget the printer widgets and all that.   This is too tiresome now.

Bring back 'configure'


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