No system sounds in Gnome

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Fri Dec 12 20:02:13 PST 2008

For sound I'm using ALSA with ESD and Gstreamer. All of the utilities with ALSA, ESD, and Gstreamer work without any problem. 'esdplay /usr/share/sounds/login.wav' works fine. In the sound preferences, I check 'Enable software sound mixing (ESD)', but none of the sounds play when I press 'Play'. However, the test tones play ok in the devices tab.
In order to start the esd, you have to restart gnome after checking 'Enable software sound mixing'. I believe the test tones in the Devices tab are using gstreamer since I got a gstreamer error when the esd wasn't running after I selected ESD sound playback.
I can't find the link, but I read in a gnome support group that ESD was abandoned in Gnome 2.19, but is used in Gnome 2.18. Maybe Gnome 2.18.3 is on the edge of a major change in the sound support. I'm about to dive into the handful sound source code files in gnome session and control center and see why the system sounds can't access the esd. esdmon shows no output on the play buttons, but had output on the test tones.
It should be a simple operation to play the wav files through esd.
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