help wirt gtk-2..14.3 and jasper problem

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Dec 11 23:41:25 PST 2008

b-vol wrote:
> Greetings 
> I am having a spot of bother with compiling gtk-2.14.3.  Problem is outlined 
> below:_
> helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
> lux-integ

Though I don't build 64, here is what I have for build commands for 
Jasper (use what's between the second set of braces {...} and adjust as 
necessary for 64):

[dj at name25 ~]# head -n 13 /media/lfs/sources/logs/275-jasper-1.900.1
echo "## $(basename $PWD)"
llog -p
time {
./configure --prefix=/usr \
     --enable-shared &&
make &&
make install &&
install -vd -m644 /usr/share/doc/jasper-1.900.1 &&
install -vm644 doc/*.pdf /usr/share/doc/jasper-1.900.1
llog jasper-1.900.1
} 2>&1 | tee -a ../logs/275-jasper-1.900.1

And the list of installed files:

[dj at name25 ~]# sudo cat /media/lfs/var/log/llog/jasper-1.900.1.llog


-- DJ Lucas

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