GDM install error

v4mpire at v4mpire at
Tue Dec 2 15:26:23 PST 2008

>> i dont see anything that seems to be a problem i dont really see
>> anything
>> else to do with it as such unless i keep missing it i can paste to
>> pastebin if you like to see if you can work out whats wrong as i must be
>> missing a key factor
>  Just search for gdm-de.omf in the log, and look at the handful of
> lines after it - I'm assuming you managed to capture stderr ( the
> 2>&1 of my example ).
>  And when you've found it, remind me to lecture you about not
> top-posting. ;-)
> ĸen
> --
> das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce
well between log from make and log from make install the only part that
mentions gdm-de.omf is part of the origional post i made

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