GDM install error

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Tue Dec 2 14:30:18 PST 2008

i dont see anything that seems to be a problem i dont really see anything
else to do with it as such unless i keep missing it i can paste to
pastebin if you like to see if you can work out whats wrong as i must be
missing a key factor
>> none what so ever
>> >>
>> >> right i have just ran through and installed scrollkeeper as required
>> and
>> >> still getting the same error im using 2.18.4 now so i need more
>> guidance
>> >> as to what to do next
>> >
>> >  Any error messages before the one you showed us earlier ?
>> >
>  Did you log the build ?  e.g.
> make 2>&1 | tee buildlog &&
> make install 2>&1 | tee instlog
>  If you did, search through the log (from the *build*) to find
> reference(s) to that file - 'less' should be adequate for this ('/'
> to search forward) - or search in your editor of choice.
>  At the moment, we know that the file is normally created during the
> build.  Scrollkeeper appears not to need to have 'ldconfig' run
> manually because it runs 'ldconfig -n /usr/lib' during its install.
> So, I can't sensibly suggest anything without an indication of what
> happened to the file.
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