no sound : (

Arden yardcat at
Wed Feb 28 12:46:15 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On 2/28/07, Arden <yardcat at> wrote:
>> so all the right things for hardware seem to be there, alsa mixer is set
>> properly, added supplemental group "audio", the speakers are plugged in.
>> What do I need to log the process? maybe that would help.

> If that's all correct, then `speaker-test', `alsamixer' and `amixer'
> are your friends. `amixer' is deprecated, but is actually nice because
> you can see the settings in a different way than the colorful
> `alsamixer', which can be confusing (at least to me).
> --
> Dan

Thankyou! amixer displayed the settings much better. I had the main out 
<off> Yeah! sound :)

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