Keyboard stops working

Tijnema ! tijnema at
Tue Feb 27 12:22:18 PST 2007

Well i just managed to get KDE working fine and some other software.

And now my keyboard stops working, it works in the bios and in grub, but
when my own boot program starts up samba and KDE. it stops working....

This is what my own boot program loads:

winbindd &

nmbd &

smbd &

/usr/kde-3.5.5/bin/kdm &

/usr/kde-3.5.5/bin/kdesktop &

/usr/kde-3.5.5/bin/kicker &

/usr/kde-3.5.5/bin/kwin &

startx &

That's it... I had this working and i only installed some apps but they are
not even starting ...

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