SAMBA startup script.

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Tue Feb 27 03:07:40 PST 2007

Joris Piepers wrote:
> hello folks,
> somehow I could not stop the processes? then I found out I needed to
> enter an ID? so I entered pidof smbd
> and pidof nmbd
> this gave me some ID's I entered those instead and it seemed to work ok.
> then I saw processes of LFS are killed using killproc and loaded using loadproc.
> however I could not find the files anywhere? is it part of the kernel
> somehow? meanwhile I found a package which is called kilproc 2.11.
> will this run under LFS or do I have a chance the system will be
> destroyed instead of solving this problem by installing this package?
> have anyone tried this before? I could not find the package in the
> BLFS nor in the LFS documentation. who is writing this documentation
> anyway? does someone know if I can contribute to the writers? thanks
> in advance for your help. thanks Dan for your suggestions so far, they
> are very helpfull as I am a step closer in solving it :)

killproc and loadproc are functions which exist in the file: 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/functions. This functions file is sourced (or loaded) 
by these two lines:

. /etc/sysconfig/rc
. $rc_functions

which are present in all the relevant init scripts.

If you want to find a processess id why not just type 'ps -A' to show 
you all the running processes?

There are other methods too - like killing all processes with the name 
"name"... HINT: man killall


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