KDE-3.5.5 startup problems

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Mon Feb 26 03:18:32 PST 2007

On 2/26/07, jignesh gangani <jgangani at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>     I have also finished installing KDE-3.5.6. I have installed it in
> /usr.
>     After finishing installing KdeBase I just added this lines in
> /etc/inittab
>    id:5:initdefault:

 i already had this line:
and so adding
gave me a error of duplicate id field

>    x:5:/usr/bin/kdm

(Note: no -nodaemon as in case of xdm)

this one did nothing for me, but that has probably to do something with the
error above

>     And just a single line "startkde" in .xsession or .xinitrc.
>    Now I can login with my user name and password and I don't have to do
> anything.
>    Just to let you know.
>                                                                       -
> Jignesh

I have that line. But i'm using my own program for loading programs at boot
time, so i wanted to add those lines: (just shell script)
kdm &
startx &
it does start KDE with a login screen, but the three main KDE programs are
not starting, and that's my problem.
how can i get those starting (kwin, kicker, kdesktop) ??
do i need to add those to my script, if so, where?

Thanks in Advance


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