finding files in dos format + .sql files without an empty last line

Ag. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Thu Feb 22 06:47:35 PST 2007

On Thu, Feb 22, at 11:01 Warren Head wrote:
> Some files however are still unix syntaxed files, but because the last line
> of the file is (somehow no longer) empty, this last line is no longer
> executed by the DBMS.

At a first step,to determine the reason,can you show us the output of
a problematic file,plus a working file with:

cat -A file |tail -n 2

Simon Geard wrote:
> I guess what we're looking for is a list of files for which the
> last character of the file is a LF. Not sure how you'd do that, since
> grep would presumably just ignore LF characters - you can't exactly 
> match on them, can you?

cat is able to display these kind of symbols,included the end of
line character as ($) with the -E switch and the tab character as (^I) with the
-T switch.
Then it's a matter of cat'ing the file and feed it to sed.
cat -E $filename| sed '$!d;/$/!d'

What I want to see from Warren and in a way that also would be beneficial for 
the list,is to translate the human logic to actions and code.
Here is what I am thinking.

find the files in this directory with suffix let's say *.sql and do for them:
if one of these has: 
first (a) condition and maybe a second condition (b) etc ...
then do: the (A) *action* and possible a (B) action ect ...
otherwise (else) do: (C) action,or continue, or exit

Then we can translate the above paragraph to a snippet of code and do the job.

That way,I believe Warren himself can find the solution not only for
this problem but for the others will come.

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