finding files in dos format + .sql files without an empty last line

Ag. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Wed Feb 21 13:54:06 PST 2007

On Wed, Feb 21, at 12:39 Warren Head wrote:
> This works excellent already.
> I did however forget a second issue. The final line in the files I am
> worried about has to be an empty line.
> These are actually .sql files. The DBMS will not execute the last line, even
> if it has text in it. (Regardless of whether they are
> (now) written in a unix format.)

I reread your email (actually the subject) without the pressure of the time and I
am little confused by what you really want,so possible my previous answer was wrong.

Do you want to find files in dos format and with an empty line at the
Do you want the opposite? (without an empty line)
Do you want to append an empty line at the end to the converted files?
Do you want to delete (if any) the empty last line to the converted files?

Sorry but the day's work had fatigued enough my already old tired mind. :)

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