jignesh gangani jgangani at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 23:48:30 PST 2007

   Thanks Nicolas for your script. I will try it on my CLFS. (When the next
time I compile it :) ).
   Thanks Barius for your suggestions. I have still not understood the
difference between --prefix=DIR and DESTDIR=DIR.
   The --prefix=DIR switch in configure script will configure the package to
install in DIR tree. DIR/bin,
DIR/etc etc. If there is no configure script then I will modify the Makefile
manually and write the correct prefix dir in it. Then why DESTDIR is used?
If I give --prefix one DIR and DESTDIR= another dir then what will happen?
   Well, every path to knowledge begins at a question.
   Thanks again.

- Jignesh
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