SDL problems.

Joshua Netterfield trintith at
Wed Feb 14 13:59:33 PST 2007

Hah! Recently my entire LFS filesystem got corrupt (dont ask me why I was
using EXT2) and now, with my new configuration, it works just fine (Left of
Xinerama (:)! Sorry for the trouble, guys, and thanks for some of your
suggestions (they will still help me), especially:

*You might want to add support for MTRR in your kernel if you have a
pentium(pro) II or newer(assuming from your graphics card, you must have a
rather new CPU too) next time you compile it. It supposedly gives 2.5 times
speed increase for image writing.
*Thanks! Wouldn't want to miss that!
*Anyway, I've learned alot about X and it's drivers in the process, so thank
you guys very much.
**12 year old c++ programmer*
When the minority decides....
               ...the majority is oppressed

When the majority decides....
               ...the minority is oppressed
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